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Industrial Automation

At Bits 2 Byte Technologies we are experts on automated solutions for control, data acquisition and test systems. The need for faster,  safer and more efficient and cleaner production systems leads to intelligent factories and production lines which can run their tasks autonomously reducing the human interaction to the minimum. We can help you to achieve this work environments, working with you from the design of the requirements and hardware specification to the development of the final solution.

Web Applications

From data monitoring and analytics to predictive maintenance Bits 2 Byte technologies helps you to keep your facilities under control anywhere you are. At Bits 2 Byte Technologies we know that efficiency is key to obtain the your investments’ worth and we want to help you to do it. Our goal is to allow you to access to your systems real time data anywhere you are to get the most out of them.

Internet of Things

Combining our two areas of expertise, Bits 2 Byte Technologies is capable to deliver highly reliable IoT solutions, taking responsibility of the whole project, from the embedded application to the web environment going through the design of the database and server management. We will push the limits of the technology to help get the most out of your products and systems.

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National Instrument hardware and software. Our area of expertise.

Bits 2 Bytes Technologies is specialized in National Instruments Software and Hardware. Our experience developing multiple automated systems for different engineering fields combining LabVIEW as the main programming language with other languages or software engineering tools and different National Instruments hardware provided us with a good level of expertise to face new challenges. We also are Certified LabVIEW Architects and take part in different user groups.

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